Sun Life Financial Centre Bee Hives

In 2019 SLFC launched a new initiative to host beehives on our rooftop. In big cities, the heat island effect can cause temperatures to soar. A contributing factor to this is unoptimized urban spaces like rooftops, so why not put that space to good use! 

In addition to increasing temperatures, bee colonies have been collapsing worldwide, resulting in the loss of millions of bees over the last several years. This has a profound effect on the world’s food resources, as many crops are pollinated by honey bees. 

By teaming with bee keeping experts like Alveole, we have had great success with our hives.   

2020 proved to be another successful year of this endeavor producing nearly 30L of honey from our 2 hives.   

All the honey produced at SLFC is donated to local organizations in the Ottawa area.