Environmental Policy

BentallGreenOak seeks to provide services to its clients that reduce the environmental impacts from their operations and manage environmental risks in a commercially prudent manner.

More specifically, BentallGreenOak is committed to:

Managing its services and other aspects of its business to meet or exceed the requirements of applicable environmental statutes and regulations.

Assisting its clients (in accordance with management agreements) to meet the requirements of applicable environmental statutes and regulations.

Identifying and implementing commercially prudent measures, where appropriate, to minimize environmental risk related to BentallGreenOak's services for its clients.

Promoting and developing environmental awareness, leadership and accountability among employees, tenants, clients and contractors.

Educating BentallGreenOak's employees regarding the need to be proactive in identifying environmental risks and the proper response in the event of an environmental incident.

Reviewing this Policy and BentallGreenOak's environmental performance and improving them, as part of BentallGreenOak's commitment to continued improvement in environmental performance.

The underlying philosophy of BentallGreenOak's environmental management system is that of "internal responsibility". BentallGreenOak's senior management, supervisors and other employees recognize that communication, consultation and cooperation are important aspects of managing environmental matters effectively.