Recycling Program

We are proud to report that our extensive recycling program in the building diverts large amounts of waste from our landfills every year.

paper, cardboards, metal cans, glass containers, plastic food containers

Items such as paper, cardboards, metal cans, glass containers and plastic food containers form part of our normal waste stream and are picked-up daily. Property Management provides each desk or workstation with a desk-side blue bin for all mixed paper waste, including newspapers and magazines. To request more blue bins, contact the Property Management office. Please note that all glass, plastic or aluminum should not be disposed of in your desk-side blue bins. A centralized large recycling box is provided for this purpose in most tenant kitchen areas.

Please reference the detailed lists: Recyclable & Non-Recyclable Materials and Organics-Compostable Materials.

off-site shredding

If your office uses an off-site shredding company for your “secure paper destruction”, we kindly ask that you advise the Property Management office as all materials recycled off-site still form part of the building’s diversion rate and included in the property’s annual waste audit report.

paper towel recycling program

Collecting containers are clearly identified to this purpose in all washrooms building-wide.

light bulbs

Light bulbs which are changed by our cleaning supplier are then boxed in special containers and diverted from our landfill. Should you also have additional light bulbs that get changed in your leased area, simply put a service call into ClikFix and we will pick them up for recycling.

electronic equipment

E-waste weeks are held twice annually – in the spring and in the fall. The program targets the diversion of electronic equipment from ending up in landfills. Since 2007, the property management office at Sun Life Centre has diverted 74.3 metric tones (MT) of electronic waste.

Tenants requiring electronic equipment to be disposed outside of the annual e-waste events, submit a ClikFix request indicating need for pick up of electronic equipment and our cleaning team will collect items.

Copier/printer ink cartridges

Copier/printer ink cartridges are all items that get picked up by various recycling firms thereby keeping them out of our landfill sites. Your office printer toners can also be recycled. These can be left beside the recycling bin in your office’s photocopy room and can be identified as such with printer cartridges recycling stickers available from the Property Management office.


Batteries are also collected and diverted from going into our landfills. Designated containers for collection is provided to each tenant to dispense used batteries which are collected by our cleaning staff on a regular schedule. Please contact ClikFIX or the Property Management office if your office requires a battery container.

organic waste

BentallGreenOak implemented a “pre-consumer” composting program in early 2013 with our food retailers of the Sun Life Centre. The 2019 annual waste audit revealed that 84 metric tonnes was collected, bringing our 6-year total to approximately 399 metric tonnes of organic waste; an average of 60% of building organics has been diverted from landfill.

Request for recycling bins and/or large quantity pick-ups

Please make special arrangements with ClikFIX or the Property Management office, should you require bins.

Identification LABELS

Identification labels for “eCycling”, “toners/cartridges” & “waste” are available from the Property Management office.

Waste Removal

For tenants having large quantities of trash to be removed (for example, old forms, dead files), our cleaning service provider can assist in its removal. Please contact ClikFIX. At no time is trash or garbage to be placed in halls or stairway areas. A larger trash or recycling bin on wheels can be provided for you to fill. Once full, please contact ClikFIX for pick up.

Should you wish to order a loading dock bin and/or have our cleaning staff pick up a large amount of garbage, a charge may apply.

For further information, please review the SLC 2023 Waste Audit Executive Summary and the 2023 MOE Waste Audit and Workplan.